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Up, up and Away….

Up, up and away and another Dream comes true at Pelham.

Well actually 2 dreams come true. Both Betty and Francis asked for the same adventure. To fly in a small plane over Folkestone. 

Wow, that’s a big one I thought. But no! our owner Roger Waluube grabbed the idea and arrangements were made.

Today Sunday 3 November, after that really hectic storm yesterday, the wind and rain cleared into a lovely blue sky, and off to Lydd Airport where the Lydd Aero Club helped make the dreams came true.

At tea time, I asked Francis to tell us what he had enjoyed about the afternoon. Well at first he said, everything. Then he went on to explain that on arrival at the airport he had thought to himself, I’ve seen planes so many times, here we go again. And he inwardly wished for the day to be over so he could just go home.

Never in all his wildest dreams did he expect what happened next. It felt “So out of this World” he said. He enjoyed the demonstration that the pilot gave in his office using a little wooden airplane. Then walking out onto the tarmac among the little planes, climbing into the the seat and headphones being fitted.

The amazing feeling as the plane lifted into the air and flying over Pelham House and, and, well there was so much to say. An experience he would not forget in a hurry.

Betty was as much amazed and pleased as Francis was, she however could not find the words to describe the feeling, it was just completely awesome she said. The whole experience was exciting and she could never have dreamed of it actually happening.

Home Manager Matt Stacey who took controls along side the pilot, also came away with memories of a lifetime.

A huge thanks to Lydd Aero Club and Malcolm for helping set this up, and for awarding each of our flyers a certificate. They now have photographs and something tangible in their memory boxes.