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Coronavirus Updates

23rd March 2020

Please help and support us, as we put further restrictions into place as precautionary measures to keep our residents well, and following advice from Public Health England.

With effect as from today, there will be NO visitors allowed in the home, except under serious or exceptional circumstances, and/or any health professionals and essential staff.

Staff and residents are being continuously monitored for coronavirus symptoms, which can include a high temperature, cough and breathing difficulties. Should anyone fall into these categories families will be notified a.s.a.p.

The sacrifices that staff are making do not always get acknowledged, and we want to take this opportunity of saying thank you, you are all greatly appreciated and your smiles and continuous help is not going unnoticed. Again, THANK YOU.

P.S. As previously suggested letters and cards would be greatly appreciated.

21st March 2020

Things are moving rapidly with the Coronavirus so we’ve updated our procedures for protecting and safeguarding our residents as follows.

(1) If anyone is generally unwell or has been in any vulnerable situation, Please do not visit the home.

(2) With immediate effect, we are taking the temperature of anyone entering the home and no one will be allowed in if registering 37.8 or higher.

(3) Visitors are being restricted to ONE person at a time, (no children) and visits will take place in the resident’s room only.

(4) On entering everyone is required to wash their hands and keep contact to an absolute minimum or not at all.

We feel it is in the best interest of our residents not to stop visitors completely, and we ask that everyone be considerate and abide by the procedures.

Letters and cards would be greatly appreciated.

17th March 2020

Due to the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 we thought best to let you all know that at Pelham we are following the rules to minimise the risk of transmission as they are set down by the government and will consider the well-being of our residents in as much as anyone could do.

At this stage we do not want to overwhelm our residents by isolating them, as the positive impact of seeing friends and family is great, however, we have cancelled all group entertainment including all children. We will, until further notice, allow visitors into the home on a needs be basis and ask that everyone keep to the protocol of washing hands and limited contact.

If anyone is generally unwell or has been in any vulnerable situation, we ask that they do not visit the home.

What we’re doing

Our Risk Assessment includes a review of all cleaning. There is an increased focus on touch points such as door handles, rails, toilet flushes and light switches. This will take priority over vacuuming if needed.

There are prescribed measures for suspected cases of Coronavirus in the care home setting. This includes Pelham House Care Home contacting Public Health England, the Local Authority and CQC and acting on their advice according to the case.

We hope this information helps you to understand the measures we are taking and as things are changing on a day to day basis we will keep you informed accordingly.

Should you wish to discuss anything in further details please do not hesitate to contact Matt Stacey or Sharon Geary at any time.