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Another Dream fulfilled…

Please be as excited as we are, today another “Dream” came true for one of our residents with many, many thanks to Rocky Troiani and his friends Adam Murdin, Paul Willis and Ann Colquitt.

92 year old Molly was collected in grand style and driven from Folkestone to Bexhill on Sea to have her dream of riding along the beach on a bicycle. Well, in actual fact a Trishaw (next best and fun thing to actually peddling herself).

The trishaw ride was compliments of Cycling without Age Bexhill, and Liz MacPherson of Sussex Community Development Association was absolutely delightful and extremely helpful.

The weather was not ideal, the wind was blowing at 40 mph but – and gratefully a big BUT – the rain held back and a little sun come out for the hour we needed it.

Rocky Troiani is completely responsible for making this dream come true, and many thanks go to very kind owner of Nell’s Cafe in Gravesend who responded to our call looking for a Trishaw and put Rocky in touch with Pelham House.

A little about this man called Rocky Troiani. He hails from Chatham in Kent and has been doing charity work for over six years, responding to needs where ever he hears of them. Rocky takes care of his mother and owns a small car sales business while spending many hours filling wishes and needs of others. His love is to see smiles and joy in others and likes nothing better than to “see a plan come together”.

The beautiful convertible 34 year old Daimler, courtesy of Premier Wedding Cars Bexhill on Sea, arrived and Molly and her friend Colin were comfortably seated and driven the almost 2 hour distance to Bexhill.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all involved in this dream. Everyone has been so kind and Molly has a wonderful smile and a memory that will last forever. In fact as Molly arrived home, as she was getting out of the car, she said that this was a day she would remember forever, and ever and ever!

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Rocky Troiani - 21st October 2019 Reply

Dear wonderful Pelham Care Home,

This was an honor and a sincere pleasure to had created this wish for the very special Molly Barker who took my heart the moment i met her. Thanks to Nels Cafe on the A2 who asked me if i could see if this wish could be granted, within 24 hours i had a limo and a trishaw thanks to the amazing Cycling without age in Bexhill on Sea who was so kind in all there work to help me make this happen. I was truly so pleased with the whole day and was so lovely to meet all at the care home and the wonderful Desiree who was in constant contact with me and helped me also with making this wish come true.

Amazing people and with all my heart i love you all and thank you for making me feel welcome too. God bless. Rocky x

Making Molly's day - Care Home Folkestone | Pelham House - 18th December 2019 Reply

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