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Unveiling our new memorial garden

Mayor of Folkestone and District Councillor Jackie Meade was on hand at the
weekend to unveil a new memorial garden ​​in our beautiful, landscaped gardens on a
perfect late summer’s day at Pelham House.

Around 70 guests, including residents and relatives past and present, joined the
Mayor to mark the occasion to remember those who had enjoyed their latter days at
our Home.

Owner and manager, Roger Waluube welcomed guests to the event which had been
carefully planned and organised by Desirée Gillard, with lunches served by St.
George’s Guides who have developed strong links with the home by making regular
visits to sing, and join in games and other activities.

After a brief introduction, Roger introduced Chairman of the Pelham House Board,
John Harrington who explained its role in keeping the business on track and
providing a forum for the progression of ideas and suggestions from staff.

In reflection of the purpose of the occasion, two of our carers, Karen White and Bobby Willis read out a list of those who are remembered with a plaque in the new
memorial garden.

“We wanted to do something to remember the people who have come to stay with us
here,” said Roger. “Our staff build up an affiliation with our residents, and sometimes
it is difficult to accept that they are gone and we can’t forget them. So this garden
means that while they are no longer here, they most definitely will not be forgotten.
Relatives become our friends and part of the Pelham family, but it is thanks to the
dedication and hard work of the staff here who make it all possible. They are the
most important asset to our business, and are part of our continual drive to do things

Roger paid tribute to the efforts of the Home’s new manager Matt Stacey, and
Desirée Gillard, Community Officer, both of whom have only been at Pelham House
for a few months, but who are already making significant contributions to the
standard of care and building relationships with the local community.

On cutting the ribbon across the entrance to the Memorial Garden, Cllr. Meade was
highly impressed with this unique tribute to past residents.
“What a wonderful idea to create a garden to remember those from the past,” she
said. “The sun is shining, I see smiles everywhere and the garden looks wonderful –
well done Pelham House!”

One idea which has come to fruition via the Board originated from a suggestion by
Assistant Manager, Naomi Corteen, who proposed a scheme to help residents’
wishes come true. So far, resident Peter Baker had been thoroughly thrilled by a visit
to the Tower Theatre, but on this occasion is was Sheila Davidson’s turn to have her
own dream come true.

Folkestone singer Alise Kirtley - coincidentally a Dementia Care Consultant in her
day-job - was on hand to deliver a couple of songs from Sheila’s favourite musical,
My Fair Lady. Emotionally-charged magical renditions of ‘I Could Have Danced All
Night’ and ‘On the Street Where You Live’ charmed the guests – and delighted
Sheila in particular.

The occasion will live long in the memory, as will those whose plaques now
adorn a quiet part of our wonderful gardens.