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Proud memories

We had another dream that came true on the last Friday of November. I just hope I can tell the story and give it the merit that it deserves….

Our dear resident Mr. Ernest Butler was paid a visit by Supervisor Allen Head of the RNLI. We knew that “Ernie” had been part of the Life Saving Team mostly through all the many, many medals and trophies that are in display in his room. However, we did not know just how distinguished and honoured he really is.

Ernie was part of the Royal Lifesaving Saving Society (RLSS) as both a member and strong competitor in the years just after WW11. He has a few medals that we are hoping to get more details about as it appears they were much sought-after awards and only one or two issued.

Ernie does not communicate very much anymore, however on meeting Allen he definitely remembered the uniform and related with smiles and even laughter when Allen spoke of some reasons that he was awarded these medals.

Although it was only for a little while, it was amazing to see the light in Ernie’s eyes as he was taken back to memories and days when he was younger.