Residential Dementia Care in Folkestone

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Meet The Team

The staff at Pelham House are its finest and most valuable resource.
Uniquely in the care industry, we do not rely on any outside agency personnel, but have our own dedicated team of highly motivated and experienced staff who daily make a difference to our residents’ lives. Here is a brief profile of each of our team who all represent an important cog in the Pelham care machine…

Mandy Beeney, Senior Carer

There aren’t many hours of the day or night that Mandy can’t be found rushing around Pelham looking after the residents. She has been a key part of the care team since 2016, and her commitment is unstinting. Going the extra mile has never been so appropriate as she covers the corridors of Pelham with mission-like zeal, delivering medication and care in equally impressive measure.

Naomi Bowler, Assistant Manager

Affectionately known as the Princess of Pelham, Naomi joined the team from our sister business, Aspire Home Carers in 2017. She has become a driving force for initiatives to take the care of residents to a new level, including the unique ‘Making Dreams Come True’ project. She has brought a range of skills and attributes to the organisation, having gained an extensive knowledge and understanding of the care sector throughout her career.

Paula Godden, Carer

Another of the care team who has been taking on extra responsibilities since 2013. An experienced carer for whom nothing is too much trouble, she has taken it upon herself to look after the Home’s two pet rabbits – an important part of residents’ stimulation - as well as one of their semi-wild cousins which has made itself at home in the our spacious garden. She loves the atmosphere of the Home, and comes in every day whether to feed the rabbits or the residents!

Janet Deveson, Quality & Compliance Officer

An essential cog in the smooth-running of Pelham since 2016, carrying out audits, dealing with monthly medication orders, ensuring correct medication storage and health and safety risk assessments and much more. Janet's experience as a carer means that she has been known to cover care shifts in addition to her administrative role which makes her a truly versatile member of the team. Winner of one of only 12 Kent Unsung Heroes Awards in 2019.

Denise Hopkins, Cook

One of our dymanic duo in our culinary team.  Denise arrived at Pelham in September 2013, to work mainly three days a week, providing cooked breakfasts once a month and suppers three nights a week. A key role that she has developed is catering for Pelham’s outdoor events such as Pelham’s 40th Anniversary (2018), Memorial Garden Launch (2019), and various barbecues and garden parties in the landscaped grounds. An extensive career in the catering business makes her a valuable asset in the provision of good, healthy food at the Home.

Matt Hopkins, Kitchen Assistant

An enthusiastic presence in the kitchen since October 2019, Matt is another Pelham performer with additional strings to his bow. While he cheerily delivers our first-class meals to the residents, he has also been a long-term member of the St John’s Ambulance brigade which makes him an ideal in-house first-aider. He has built an excellent personal rapport with the residents and is a ready and willing helper around the Home. He is already taking on new responsibilities to improve performance and progression within the Home, such as risk assessments and first-aid audits.

Pam King, Business Administrator

The backbone of the support team since 2016, she is responsible for handling enquiries, managing staff records, preparing board-meeting notes, processing salaries and generally keeping plates spinning – but not necessarily in the kitchen! She had been a long-term administrator at Folkestone Police Station which has proved a useful attribute in keeping Pelham’s owner in check.

Cathy Thompson, Cook

The other essential half of our catering team, brings passion and flair to our food provision. With extensive experience in the catering business, she is keen to ensure that the menu is as fresh and healthy as possible, but also that every resident is catered for, whatever their requirements. Her work has been a major contribution to achieving a five-star food hygiene accreditation for six out of seven years since 2013.

Roger Waluube, Owner & General Manager

 A career in NHS management has equipped him with exceptional credentials in the care of the elderly and those with early-stage dementia. He took ownership of Pelham House in 2010, and has invested extensive time and resources in embellishing the Home to the high standards its residents enjoy today. Almost uniquely in the area, he is proud to have developed a team of dedicated staff without reliance on outside or agency staff. Never one to sit still, he thrives on the constant quest to find out “what could we do better?” - and that doesn't only apply to his triathlon times...