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Messages of support

An enormous thank you to everyone for reading our messages and supporting us through our Pelham House Facebook page and sending so many lovely messages of good will and support.

Our staff are doing an amazing job in the most difficult of circumstances. Not only are they providing all the everyday aspects of care needed day to day, but also going the extra mile to provide constant reassurance for our residents, and keeping families and friends up to date and in touch.

Fun, laughter, music, singing and dancing can all still be heard around the home in large quantities,  alongside quieter times when residents simply want a chat and some gentle reassurance. 

Your messages help keep everyone’s spirits up and we really can’t say thank you enough. Here a just a few we have gratefully received…

“I wanted to thank you so much for all that you are doing to care for Molly and all the residents.

I appreciate the work you do, recognise the risks and fears you all face and am very grateful for your care.

Thank you again, and wishing you all good health.”


Thank you and everyone at Pelham House so much for everything you are doing to keep everyone who lives there safe and happy. Your ideas are ingenious and everyone looks so happy in all the pictures.


Thankyou so much for the communications you’re sending through.

I am missing seeing and being able to cuddle Angie and seeing her looking so well and happy in the photos is heart warming. It’s great seeing all the others too. You are doing a great job at keeping their spirits raised.

All of the Pelham House staff will be at the forefront of my mind tonight when I stand outside clapping. You all deserve medals.

We are so grateful for everything you have done, are doing, and continue to do for our Angie. Please convey my sincere gratitude to everyone at Pelham.

In the words of Vera Lynn “We’ll meet again“.


Richard Davidson - 10th May 2020

I want to join in all the well-deserved praise for the carers and staff at Pelham for their dedicated care and kindness to Sheila and all the other residents during these difficult tomes. It is enormously appreciated.

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