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Meeting My Fair Lady

As part of our project of Making Dreams Come True, Sheila found her dream coming alive on Saturday 21st September just after lunch had been served during the official opening of our Memorial Garden.

When Sheila was asked if she had a dream she said “Yes I want to see My Fair Lady”. We reminded her that we had all just recently watched the movie. “No”, she said, “that is not what I want, I want to meet My Fair Lady!”. That’s not really possible we told her and left it hanging.

Using social media we asked if there were any local singers who would be prepared to attend our garden party and sing for Sheila. An amazing young lady came forward. Alise Kirtly, a singer-songwriter and a fairly new resident in Folkestone, attended the function in an Audrey Hepburn costume, and sang some of the wonderful and well known songs from the My Fair Lady show. Sheila was well and truly surprised! And albeit for just a few minutes Sheila was “living in her dream”.