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Farming in the blood

Once a Farmer, always a farmer so they say! 

Well our dear Cynthia was born into farming, then married a farmer and settled in the Orcham Valley where she lived and raised 4 children. Cynthia told us it would be her dream to visit a farm again, and together with her love for children we arranged a visit to Brockhill School, where she met 2 delightful students of agriculture that took her on a tour of the school farm. 

The visit to the school brought back many memories of her farming days, as well as the many, many times she had collected her son from the very same school during the years he attended Brockhill.

Having spent her life dedicated to farming the morning was a great success and on getting back into the taxi to take her home, in her words “Crikey, I didn’t expect a lovely morning like that when you said come out with me today!”

“There is a quiet about the life of a farmer, and the hope of a serene old age, that no other business or profession can promise”.
Robert Green Ingersoll (American writer and orator)