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A very special Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Today another little dream came true at Pelham House. When asked what she wished for, Iris told us she wanted children to visit. This was easy so I asked if there was anything special she would like when they came and yes she said, let’s have a picnic.  Okay! Would you like cake or ice-cream […]

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A sticky treat!

On Saturday afternoon we had a good Chuckle & Chat all about strange foods eaten around the world. Then the afternoon special tea offered pink wafers dunked in chocolate sauce and nutty chips. Eaten with fingers, everyone was in a sticky mess but smiling and having fun!

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Tackling isolation and loneliness in older people

Isolation among older generations is alarmingly common. As many as 40% of older people still living in their own homes report feelings of loneliness and boredom. Upsetting as this is on an emotional level, isolation also has a physical impact, significantly increasing the risk of poor health in older people.  Numerous health problems are exacerbated […]

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