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Creating our own fun!

We’re going to be creating our own fun days and dealing with today as it comes…. Things got off to a great start today when Odd Sock lunch hour brought a few smiles and a little bit of “out of the norm”. Thanks to all who participated!

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Celebrating National Joke Day

Did you know July 1st is National Joke Day? Here at Pelham we decided to mark the occasion, so with some help from the ladies, for about an hour before lunch, we painted some lovely designs on white cotton bibs and together with a candy dummy the carers were asked to wear these for one […]

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Music in the garden

Today some normality returned to our home when, with masks dropped a little while sitting 2m apart, we got to enjoy some music from our garden once again. A huge thank you to Richard Heywood whose return brought great joy to our house with everyone joining in enthusiastically through the windows. Going forward through the […]

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